Sunday, April 13, 2014

Turkey scoutin'

A co-worker invited me up to his place to do some huntin', and he wanted to show me around before turkey season. His land is at the base of the mountain and butts up against miles of state forest, and there's apparently a few birds around.

We didn't go after it too hard, but we walked a mile or so back in to check things out. The weather was perfect for a nice little hike, and it certainly helped take the edge off to get into the woods again.

Thirteen days to the Youth Hunt. Reckon I outta start diggin' camo out and gettin' my shit together.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Last year's gobbler mount

I finally got around to whippin' up a plaque and gettin' last year's gobbler hung up. He was a magnificent bird, and had a lot more red and bronze colorin' than an average Eastern. I still kick myself for not gettin' him stuffed, but at least I had the foresight to hang onto the wings.

The room is still a work in progress, but it's nice to finally have a centerpiece decoration in there. I hope to put a Wyoming archery elk in that spot someday, but the turkey will do just fine for now.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sound advice from a gun nut

Another good article on firearm preparedness that's worth your time to read. A lot of good points made, and in a way that fat guys like me can understand:

It is a perfectly acceptable and laudable goal to run a marathon or bench four plates or have a perfect six pack. It’s also a perfectly reasonable goal to work out just to be healthier but still have pizza and beer, because pizza and beer is delicious.

Read the rest here. And stay somewhat prepared.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Bar etiquette

Before you head to the bar tonight, take a few minutes and read this article. Even though it was written on the other side of the pond, bein' that I moonlight on the weekends at a local waterin' hole, I can relate. I've become a much better patron since I started workin' in the industry. That said, maybe it takes workin' it to not be a douche. The author, an experienced bartender, dispels such spot on gems as this:

Being a bartender has taught me many things; how to function between the hours of 9pm to 5am, the beauty of Sundays, that observation truly is an art form, that logic and practicality are foreign concepts in the modern world, how to turn drinks into meals, the glory of going against the grain and most importantly the ability to smile at someone whilst imagining punching them in the face repeatedly.

Anyway, take a few minutes and read the rest of the article. It'll make your local bartender much happier.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

New T'Bird

Just last week, I posted about sellin' the V-Star so I could get my ol' Triumph Thunderbird fixed up. I reckoned that with the substantial engine work that needed done, throwin' a new engine under her would be the easiest and cheapest option. So I'd been spendin' time on eBay, waitin' for the right engine to come along. Along with the engine, there was some other upgrades to make and parts to swap out, so I'd have a fair amount of wrenchin' to do when the time came.

Well, that plan went to shit.

I noticed a rather sexy '97 Thunderbird up for auction... a year newer than mine, all the fancy upgrades that should be done, and a helluva lot less miles than mine. It was in Phoenix, which is a purty far poke for me, but I half kept my eye on it anyway.

Sure enough, it got down to the last few hours and the bid was still really low. Didn't help that I had the Ol' Man goadin' me on to bid on it (we're a bad influence on each other when it comes to auctions). So, with a minute left in the auction, I threw out a lowball bid, never expectin' in a million years to win the damn thing. When the smoke cleared, I had a sudden need to dig up some funds that weren't readily available and find a way to get a bike from Arizona to PA.

So, that's the process that I'm workin' through now. I did some hagglin' with a professional transporter, and as long as I'm patient enough to wait for a month or two, he'll get the bike here for less than half of the goin' rate for me. The seller is thankfully very patient and is workin' with me to get everythin' straightened out.

Either way, the end result willl hopefully be a sexy new (to me) Thunderbird in my garage. The only bad thing is that means that the '96 will more than likely be officially retired, which is a bit sad for me. It'll be a good parts bike though, and I'm sure the new one will wear her share of the old one's parts.

Some teasers.... I'll be doin' a little work when I finally get my hands on her, so she won't have this look for long....

Friday, March 28, 2014

Weapon vs. Firearm

I just spent some time over at the Main Line Sportsman's page, oglin' some right purty guns. While I did truly enjoy the post, he did manage to hit on one of my pet peeves (by no intent or fault of his own, of course).

Similar to the rampant Clip/Magazine misuse that also grinds me, I realize it's mostly semantics. I also realize that most of you military folks are too far gone to change at this point. However, it still trips somethin' in my brain when someone drops the "W" word in casual conversation. In my mind, a firearm is simply a tool... the user is the weapon. Nothin' more, nothin' less. Damn near anythin' can be used as a weapon (hammer, chainsaw, kitty litter, grandma's bra, etc), but not everythin' can be used as a firearm.

By rough definition, a weapon is somethin' used to injure, defeat, or destroy. Whereas, a firearm is defined as a weapon from which a shot is discharged by gunpowder. So there's no help there.

I reckon it all goes back to perception. With a lapdog media that gleefully blows everythin' outta proportion, "weapon" comes off as extremely abrasive and has thus been blessed with a much more negative connotation than necessary. I reckon that for the many non-gun ownin' folks out there that are indecisive on the whole gun issue, hearin' about "a law-abidin' citizen carryin' a weapon" sounds scarier than "a law-abidin' citizen carryin' a firearm".

Right now, we're in a very dangerous game of tug of war with our freedoms and liberties, and our foe is backed by the lapdog media, a lefty educational system and a fair amount of uniformed/misinformed voters. If we can use a simple change in the lingo to warm up the aforementioned indecisive non-gun owners in our favor, I reckon it's worth changin'. The liberal front ain't skeered to play games with words to put the ball in their court. Maybe it's time to start usin' their own strategies against 'em.

What do y'all think?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Armed napping

A mere 30 days until the Youth Spring Gobbler hunt, and the official start to my favorite time of year. Lord knows I can hardly wait. Y'all will probably get sick of me yammerin' about it 'till it finally gets here.

Spanky posted this the other day on the ol' Facebook, and I had a good chuckle. If I had a dollar for every minute of sleep I've gotten in the turkey woods over the years, I could probably afford to take a year off and do nothin' but turkey hunt.