Friday, July 17, 2015

Body Count '15 - #12

This'n was pokin' around the shed as I was tendin' to some work outside. I stopped what I was doin', grabbed the .17 and set up camp. Although it rarely happens like that, sure enough about three minutes later her head poked back out from under the shed, makin' for an easy shot.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What's in your war room?

This gem came across the blogroll (courtesty of Because Guns) a few weeks ago, and I've been wantin' to share it. Because the only thing better than havin' a shitload of cool guns is havin' a kickass war room to keep 'em in. My personal favorite is #4, simply because I love the concept of havin' a maintenance bench right in the middle of everythin'.

1. This is SO subjective. For example, the gun room above looks a bit too well organized for me. Too … Germanic! D’uh. It’s German gunmaker Heckler & Koch’s boardroom. Not sure I’d be bored staring at the walls, but anything’s possible. Here are nine – NEIN! – other top class gun rooms . . .

 Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 9.09.04 AM
2. Nobody’s quite sure who set this room up. Some say it was Charlton Heston’s ballistic lair. I wonder what’s playing on the big screen? Chick flick?

3. Subdued lighting, dead animals, guns. Bring on the Bourbon!

4. Along the same lines, only lot more guns. More is better, gunwise.

5. I’m getting tired of all this dark, clubby stuff but a pool table (slate no doubt) makes this work.

6. Light, bright and the guns aren’t behind glass. Rustic rules!

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 4.59.38 PM
7. Then again. there’s something to be said for police armory chic.

8. Dan Bilzerian’s gun room is a mess. A wonderful, beautiful mess.

9. That’s just silly.

10. Boxes of goodness

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Body Count '15 - #11

Another shed dweller, and another offhand, flawless head shot with the .17. That may very well be the best money I've ever spent on a firearm. I've yet to have a hog run away from that gun.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Matrimonial bliss

I spotted this gem in the Gettysburg Walmart parking lot the other day. I can only imagine what the guy's opinion of the situation is.

P.S. Those poor kids are screwed.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Say it with beer

A slightly edited photo (circa 1910) from our slightly local D. G. Yuengling & Sons, America's Oldest Brewery.

Enjoy your day, folks.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Turkey Popper Recipe

I found this recipe somewhere on the HuntingPA forums a few years ago, and it quickly became a camp favorite. I figured it was worth sharin' the recipe with y'all. Bear in mind, it works for just about any dead critter, not just turkey.

First off, a few notes. It's not really following a recipe so much as it is slapping some stuff together. A lot of the process is open to experimentation. Also, while they're not hard to make, it does take some time to prepare. If you can rope another person or two into helping, it goes much quicker.

The following recipe will make about 30-35 poppers.

Here's what I gather to start:

1 turkey breast
- Some folks marinate the breast prior to making these. I don't think it's necessary. Also, it's a lot easier to cube the meat when it's still 3/4 frozen.

1 pound of bacon
- Get the good stuff, otherwise it'll fall apart when you try to wrap it.

1 package of cream cheese
- It helps the cutting process if you throw it in the freezer for a half-hour to help firm it up. You can substitute other cheeses, but be advised that most of it will melt and fall off during the grilling process, whereas cream cheese doesn't.

1 jar of pickled jalapeño slices
- You can slice fresh jalapeños, but they turn out a lot hotter than the pickled slices. If you like hot stuff, give it a try. Your guests may not share your enthusiasm.

A pack of wooden skewers
- Soak these in water while you gather everything together. This will help keep them from burning up on the grill.

Next, I'll slice the bacon in half. Most bacon has 16-20 slices per pound, so this will give you 32-40 slices to work with.

Then I will cut my block of cream cheese into 35-40 slices.

I pick out 35-40 decent jalapeno slices from the jar and put them in a separate bowl, as to not expose the whole jar to raw turkey.

Then, I will cube the turkey breast into around 1" chunks.

Once all that's done, you can start assembling. Simply place a slice of cream cheese and jalapeño on your cube of meat, wrap a slice of bacon around it, then run a skewer through it to hold everything in place. I can generally get five or six poppers per skewer.

IMPORTANT: Once you're done, do not return any of the ingredients to their containers. Raw poultry, illness, etc. Some folks throw it away, but I just throw what's left on a skillet, scramble a few eggs and mix it all together. Makes for a good appetizer until the poppers are done.

I typically grill mine on medium heat for 5-7 minutes, then flip them and cook for another 5 minutes. YMMV depending on your grill. I've also heard that throwin' 'em in the smoker for a few hours is even better still, but I don't have a smoker to test that theory myself. Cookin' them on the stovetop would work to, in a pinch. If you have to, cut one open and make sure it's done, or get it to around 140° on a meat thermometer. I've been known to brush on some spicy BBQ sauce as they cook, but again, it's not really necessary and I don't worry with that much anymore.

The only bad thing about these is that they usually disappear in a lot less time than it takes to prepare them!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Random Pictures

Here's some random pictures I've snapped over the last few weeks. Individually, they ain't worth a full blog post, but they're worth a mention in a bulk post.

This was taken in early May, but it purty much sums up
June in Central PA. We haven't gone 48 hours without rain in
quite a few weeks.

Some folks bring awesome rides
to the bar.
I bet this ol' gal has seen a bar parkin' lot more than once though.
Enjoyin' some apple pie shine by the bonefire at Joe's graduation
shindig. In other news, Jesse and I, long past the age of frequent
recreational drinkin' games, repeatedly pummeled Joe and his
cronies at beer pong that night. It was quite satisfyin'.
It took a little work, but the girl and I spent a recent Sunday
cleanin' out the water feature in the back yard.

That stubborn chunk of corn stubble
rode a couple hundred miles before
fallin' off, after bein' stuck in the
lower grill cover for several days prior.
Happiness is fresh strawberry pie in the milkin' parlor...
Happiness is also a Monday mornin' turkey fry for breakfast,
while everyone else is at work. FYI, if you haven't tried
Lefty's Fish and Chicken Mix, I highly you getcha some.
Sunrise from the milkin' parlor.
A couple young bucks visited the estate the other night.
A side effect of all the rain is we've seen plenty of full
and double-full rainbows as of late.
Dinner was delivered to the house the other night. I took this
from my mailbox after almost runnin' 'em over as I was comin'
home from work.
I had a fuel wood cutting permit for Michaux State Forest
the other week, and since I couldn't borrow a bigger truck,
I just made do with the 'Yota. I don't want to do it too often
since she's only a four-banger, but it's good to know what
she's capable of if needed.