Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Grind

I didn't want to use this since it kinda got diluted by the Rock Band franchise, but fuck it... it's fast, hard and heavy... perfect for hump day.

From their '90 album of the same name.

Horns up!   \w/    \w/

Monday, June 27, 2011


My good friends Joe and Jen tied the ol' knot this weekend. We had a whole lotta fun, especially catchin' up with some of my ol' co-workers. The ceremony was a bit long (crazy Catholics) but was pleasant and well-done.

The reception was a blast. Great little place in Selinsgrove called Front Street Station. The banquet room was actually bordered on two sides by old passenger train cars, which was pretty nifty. I've eaten there a time or two before, so I already knew the food was gonna be good. The bar was open and us journalist types know how to drink and party, so everyone had a great time.

After the reception, we headed back to the hotel and broke out the coolers. My buddy J-Ro bought along a case of Troeg's Sunshine Pils, and I grabbed a case of Magic Hat Summer Scene Sampler. It was cool bein' able to catch up with some old friends... J-Ro and his wife Ivy; our friends Chris and Erin; Matt, who was the photographer at the wedding, and a bunch of others. We just sat around, shootin' the breeze and drinkin' good beer for half the night.


Illegal Download of the Post

This is one of these newer songs that I'm kinda diggin' on at the moment. Tryin' not to listen to it too much since the radio, as usual, is beatin' the hell outta it as well.

Song: Country Song
Artist: Seether
Album: Holding On To Strings Better Left To Fray (2011)

Y'all take care, now.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wagon Wheel and the Iron Man

I've always liked baseball. I still love watchin' my brothers go to work on the diamond, and every now and then I'll pick up my ol' glove and have some fun. I'll still watch a game or three on the tube every now and again, but the pro game has lost a lot of luster for me in the last few years.

I remember a day back when pro baseball was truly fun to watch.... a day when I lived to watch ol' number 8 walk up to the plate. When my older brother and I were kids, we used to play one-on-one baseball in the front yard... old softball bats and tennis balls, with trees for bases. If we hit it over the neighbor's fence across the street, it was a homer. I'd do my best to imitate Cal during these summer pickup games. I hardly did him justice, as my older and more athletic brother usually whooped up on me, but it was still a boatload of fun.

Cal was (and still is) one of the purest players to ever play the game. He played with a joy and enthusiasm each and every game that I wish all pro ballers played with. So naturally, when I stumbled upon this video of the '01 All Star game, I had to watch it a few times and remember the good ol' days...

And some Old Crow is helpin' me through this Thursday as well, so I might as well share that with ya too...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Grind

For some reason, the video uploader isn't workin' despite my finer efforts, so you'll have to settle for a good ol' fashioned link. This is one badass video.

From '79's album of the same name.

Horns up!   \w/    \w/

Monday, June 20, 2011

Farm cats

I worked most of the weekend, so not much to report on.

But one of the cats that likes to hang out in the parlor while we're milkin' decided to come visit me and Joe on Saturday mornin'. Didn't think much of it until she decided to start shittin' out kittens in our box of rags.

We watched for a little while, but we weren't gettin' much done with the cows so we go her into another box and relocated her to the old barn.

Cute little fuckers though.

Here's a picture my girl took yesterday after all was said and done.

I also found a few of the older ones playin' around outside and shot a quick video...

I love kittens... only problem is they grow up to be cats.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Military Humor

Got this from Aunt Wanda...


Classy, Vancouver. Very classy. I don't follow hockey very much, but it's always fun to see the fans lose with grace.

Here's to you, Canuck fans....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Grind

Some older metal for ya today. Not a real grinder but you can still bang your head to it with no problems.

This was a single released in 1970. Pretty sure that this is a clip from Copenhagen, Denmark in 1972. Not 100% sure on that... Not that I care.... it's good shit.

Horns up!   \w/    \w/

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The ol' bitch is finally home

I stopped runnin' her last fall... Wouldn't go into gear. I finally broke down in March and took her to the shop, since rippin' down engines isn't exactly my specialty. Well, lemme rephrase that. I'll rip anything apart. It's gittin' it back together that causes problems.

But I digress. Turns out I had some moisture in the case, and the clutch plates had all rusted together.

I told the shop no hurry, since I had other bikes in reserve and Triumph parts are a complete bitch to git. So a hefty bill and several months later, I finally got 'er paid off and picked 'er up.

Damn near forgot how to ride 'er. But lemme tell ya... For not really seein' much action since last October, she sure didn't waste much time gittin' to 90mph as I roared outta the parkin' lot.

I love that ol' bitch. It's gonna be a sad day when she officially retires.
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Just enough rain to piss ya off...

I've been helpin' a buddy make hay here the last week. First time I've done that kinda work regularly for a few years. It's good work for sure... a good workout, and ya lay down in bed at night feelin' like ya actually did somethin'. The only bad thing is unloain' the wagons in a hot, stuffy ol' barn, and last week it was in the upper 90's. Gotta drink a lot of water, since passin' out is no fun.

Well, we got two wagons of hay in the barn yesterday when Momma Nature decided to interfere. Didn't rain a bunch, just enough to make what was layin' wet enough that we couldn't bale anymore.

So, what the hell. Went home, got the ol' lady, met up with my little brother for a bit and started yankin' the lips offa some largemouth bass. I'm not much of a fishin' guy like Joe is, so he gave me a crash course on the ol' Carolina Rig, and off we went. I caught a half-dozen or so, and Joe caught a bunch more than that. The biggest mighta been 13, 14 inches but hell, we had fun.

A Sunday well spent after a workin' most of the weekend, but back to the office grind again.

Happy fuckin' Monday.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Another reason to keep my ass on the couch...

I'd prolly think about ridin' a bull, given the chance. Bull hockey looks like it might be fun too.

But them crazy Spaniards like to fight 'em. And sometimes they git hurt.

I'll stick to milkin' cows, thanks.


Illegal Download of the Post

The masses only know Charlie Daniels for his kick-ass Geico commercial and his tale about ol' Johnny kickin' the Devil square in the nuts.  A great tune, but the ol' goat has a helluva lot more good tunes in his arsenal. Nobody runs a fiddle like Mr. Daniels. That's how ya do it, son.

Song: Fiddle Fire
Artist: The Charlie Daniels Band
Album: Fiddle Fire (1998)

Y'all take care, now.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Grind


Need I say more?

From 2003's Hey, That's What I Call Sludge! Vol. 1 (under the name Metal Skool), and 2009's Feel The Steel.

Horns up!   \w/    \w/

Monday, June 6, 2011

Peace through superior firepower

It's Monday. What's not to hate?

My kid brother graduated on Friday. Seems like yesterday he was just a little shit, playin' outside with his whiffle-ball bat. He's headed to Bloomsburg in the fall, and I'm very proud of and excited for him. We had a party yesterday with some family, so that was purty fun too. My cousin came up from Virginia early and we took our wimmin out on the bikes for a while.

All in all a good weekend, but I'm burnt out and apathetic. Thus, we go to the J-Ro archives for some peace through superior firepower.


Illegal Download of the Post

I ain't much one for the new country, but this song ain't bad. I think when they finally quit beatin' the hell outta it on the radio I'll like it a little more.

Song: Boots On
Artist: Randy Houser
Album: Anything Goes (2008)

Y'all take care, now.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Grind

From '08's album of the same name. This is a live track from Wacken Open Air, 31 July 2009 in Germany.

Horns up!   \w/    \w/