Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First rifle whitetail buck

It's been said that even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. Well, I reckon I can relate yet again.

I've done things backwards... I've managed to arrow a few bucks with the ol' stick and string, but for some reason a buck with the rifle has always eluded me. I can think of a few misses and close calls over the years, but it just never happened.

Well, I finally got it done yesterday in my 16th year of huntin'.

This buck came over the hill to my dad, who was a few hundred yards away. He didn't have the best shot, but he threw one at him and missed. About five minute later, I saw the buck sneakin' through the brush, and as soon as I got a clear shot, I laid 'im out with one of Jesse's special handloads.

I still think that bowhuntin's where it's at, but I'd be lyin' if I said I wasn't shakin' like a dog shittin' razorblades before and after the shot. He's far and away my best buck, and I'm just tickled. I'm equally as pleased to finally have a buck accounted for with my deer rifle, which I've had since I was 14. I'd have been just as happy to see Dad get him, but he killed an equally nice eight-point off of that hill last year so he wasn't too bent outta shape about the miss.

This buck wasn't that old, but he'd definitely been ruttin' hard... his neck was the size of a basketball and there was hardly any fat left on him.

Me with the ol' man, my favorite huntin' buddy.

Reflectin' for a few moments before the drag

Mainframe eight-point with a small droptine - 16" inside spread

Truck fulla buck.

153 lbs dressed.

Jesse's Barnes TSX loads did the job again.

Friday, November 25, 2011

A little behind/Grind make-up

Work, family, slavin' over the stove, gettin' ready for the PA gun opener, waterfowl huntin' with the ol' man and my brothers, more work... This week has pretty much been batshit crazy.

Yesterday was the ol' Turkey Day. After our tradition mornin' waterfowl hunt with Dad and the bro's, I spent all day surrounded by my best blessings, my family. That, and shoveled copious amounts of fantastic grub into my gut. Between my girl's family and mine and the combined culinary skills, I'm pretty sure I'll never be thin.

I'll be workin' tonight at the bar, which is nothin' new. The difference tonight is that my 10th year class reunion will be in the back. Hopefully one of the pricks that spent 13 years givin' me shit will do it again tonight, just so I have the satisfaction of cuttin' 'em off and throwin' 'em out.

Monday marks the PA rifle season for deer. I didn't whack a buck in bow season, so hopefully I'll git 'r done with the gun on Monday. I posted this gem before, and I present it again for your viewin' pleasure. Sadly, it's not far from the truth on most public (and even private) land.

Last but not least, let me make up for missin' yet another Wednesday grind with some heavy hammers...

From '05's Octavarium. Live track is from Santiago, Chili in '05

And it's been awhile since I've posted some Slayer, and I'm in the mood. From '85's album of the same name. Kerry King is a fuckin' boss.

Which reminds me of a Slayer joke a buddy sent me a long time ago...

Hitler, Justin Bieber and Tom Araya went to Hell. They met the devil sitting at his throne. He asks them why they're in Hell.

Hitler said, "I killed twenty million people and caused a holocaust on the Jews." The devil replied, "Good job. Sit to my right."

Bieber said, "I poisoned the world with my shitty music and whiny-bitch voice that irritates the hell out of every normal person in the world." The devil replied, "Well done, asshole. Sit to my left."

Then, looking at Araya, the devil asked, "Why are you here?"

Araya replied, "Get off of my fucking throne, bitch..."

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mule deer European mount

On a less angry note, I officially wrapped up the Wyoming trip by finishin' the mulie skull the other night. Lemme tell ya, that was one of the most difficult skulls I've ever done. He was old and nothin' but gristle... took forever to get that shit off the bone. Regardless, it turned out well and I'm pleased.

Hopefully some ol' shittin' buck will wander too close on Monday and I'll have another one to work on after I get Joe's done.


I'm sick of this fuckin' place.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bear Camp

Well, it's about that time. When the clock hits five, I'll be off 'n gone to pick up the ol' man and head to Centre County to "chase the bear". We only get tomorrow to hunt, but at least we'll be out there.

We had a great time and some success last year, and although I didn't connect with my first opportunity at a bear, in my mind's eye I can still see that black ball come rollin' out of the thicket like it was yesterday. Hopefully it won't take me six more years to see another one, much less get a shot at one. And hopefully, when it happens again, I can make amends for last year's miss.

From last year's check in:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Grind

Work beckoned, and I missed my hump-day grinder. So, we'll try again today... one day closer to the weekend. That said, I dedicate this song to my place of employment...

From Damageplan's '04 album New Found Power, and also featured on Corey Taylor's '09 album Be Sides.

Horns Up!  \w/     \w/

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Antelope European mount, part 2

The finished product...

When I detached the sheaths, there was a pretty thick membrane between the bone and the sheaths that had to be simmered off. I solved the problem of fillin' that gap by usin' some thicker automotive O-rings. Slid them over the bone, and the sheaths went on nice and snug.

Once I get my hands on a table saw again, I can get around to buildin' a display board for it. In the meantime, I have the mule deer rack to do, and Joe's buck from last weekend. Hopefully I'll have my own whitetail to do in a few weeks...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse

I had a long-ass weekend. Too much work and not enough play.

Managed some time in the tree... had a few close encounters with some buck, got to full draw on a nice buck, but no arrows thrown. T'was an excitin' end to the early PA bow season. A good time was had, but I definitely paid for not sleepin' instead.

That said, I'm feelin' apathetic as hell today, so we'll head to the J-Ro archives for an entertaining way to deal with those pesky zombies (or nosy neighbors, stuffy bosses, or other parasites that may be botherin' you at the time).

It's shiny, sharp, and invariably awesome. What's not to like?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank you, Vets...

 Today, I honor all veterans, past and present. This includes my grandfather, Maj. Kenneth G. Reinhart, USAF and his brother, Lt. John E. Reinhart, USMC. John was killed in '59 during a training exercise, if memory serves me correct.

A hearty thanks to my friends and all the others who have served or are currently serving. You provide us with many liberties and securities, and us as civilians are all forever indebted to you!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

236 years

Happy birthday, y'all. I appreciate y'all doin' what you do to keep us huntin', drinkin' and bloggin'.

Thanks to my buddy Kyle, who (last time I heard from him) is stationed in Turkmenistan. When his service is done, we're gettin' on the bikes and just ridin' for a few days. Lookin' forward to that.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Grind

The only problem with newer music is there ain't really any good live tracks to be found yet.

Thus, you get the campy music video. At least there are fine women in this one too.

From '11's American Capitalist.

Horns Up! \w/     \w/

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Deer everywhere, and the arrows were flyin'

We'll try a long, long time before we top a weekend like this. In two days of huntin', nine bowhunters harvested seven deer, including four buck.

Schlongie's ol' man, Reds, started the action on Friday night by arrowin' a beautiful ol' nine-point. Unfortunately, they weren't able to recover the deer until Sunday, so it was the first one shot but the last one found. Saturday mornin', my ol' man started things off by smokin' a button-head. Both of my brothers followed suit, with Joe arrowin' a nice eight-point (also recovered on Sunday) and my big brother makin' us all proud with his first bow harvest, a fine Bradford County six-point. Joe also whacked a big ol' doe after backin' off of his buck's trail. I got a young doe, and Schlongie's Uncle John hammered a big ol' wide nine-point at last light.

On a cool side-note, this was the first time that my brothers and our dad all killed deer the same day, so that was pretty special to be a part of.

Sunday at Bowhunter's weekend is usually a laid-back affair, but seems like all we did this year was cut up deer all day... which is a fantastic problem to have, I might add. We were short a few hunters as well, so who knows what kinda damage we'd have done with them in the woods.

Overall, it was a great long weekend spent with my family and close friends, as always... we certainly set the bar pretty high for next year!

The 2011 Bowhunter's Weekend crew
Reds, John and Schlongie with John's 9-point - 167lbs dressed, 20" inside spread
Joe and Jesse with their deer
Reds' big 9-point, dressed out at 175lbs
This is how we spent our Sunday!

Many thanks again to Ron for takin' us all in and takin' great care of us, and thanks to all our landowners who allow us to use their land.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Bowhunter's Weekend

Every year, a buncha my buddies and I get together up at Ron's house for a weekend full of huntin' and hangin' out. This started out a handful of years ago when Schlongie and I decided that we needed to get his ol' man up there to bowhunt with us, and has turned into an annual gatherin' of sometimes epic proportions. Last year was purty good... we harvested two bucks and had a ton of action, then had a helluva party afterwards.

Well, it's upon us again. As soon as the work day is through, I'll be loadin' up the truck and hittin' the pavement. I'll be one of the late arrivals, as some of the guys are already up and huntin' as we speak.

I'm a little bummed though... two of my good friends work for the power company, and they have been workin' like dogs all week gettin' power back to everyone after last weekend's snowstorm. Not sure that they're gonna make it up, but there should still be a pretty good crowd up there.

We'll have a good number of bows in the woods, and hopefully we'll be able to lay the smack-down on some whitetails like we did last year. It's the peak of the rut... it's always an amazin' time to be in the woods with all the activity. I'm gonna be babysittin' my trail cam location or in the general vicinity... hopefully I can get an arrow into one of those nice buck that were in there all summer.

I'll be up there 'till Monday... hopefully I'll have some pictures for ya in the upcoming days.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Grind

From Liecestershire, England at the Download Festival on 10 June, 2007... The headliner that night was Maiden so I can't begin to fathom how fuckin' crazy this show was.

Horns Up!  \w/     \w/

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Antelope European mount

My evenin' project... And that's what it all boils down to (pun intended).

Watch your pets

As the peak of the rut is upon us, J-Ro took time out of his day to remind me where I sit on the deer huntin' totem pole. I've always known there were better deer hunters than me out there...

But I never thought I'd be bested by a snake, however.

Officials in south Florida were in for a surprise last week when they cut open the belly of a 16-foot Burmese python they had captured and killed in the Everglades.

Inside the reptile they found a 76-pound, fully intact deer, the Sun-Sentinel reports.
For you folks that don't hunt, that's a decent-sized yearling doe.

The girth of the snake's stomach, stretched to accommodate the carcass, measured a whopping 44.1-inches. From head to tail, the reptile measured 15.65 feet.
 I'm 6'4" and wear size 44 jeans. Note to self... never get one of these bastards for a pet.

Read the rest of the article, and be sure to check out the pictures. Gives me another reason to keep my ass away from Florida.