Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Body Count '16 - #2

Good luck favored me the other day, and I was able to add another 50 yards onto my Longest Critter Kill record. This chunker made the mistake of showin' himself across the neighbor's field while I was showin' off my groundhog gun to my cousin at the family Easter gatherin'. I was unsure of the distance, so a warm-up shot was in order, but I domed him on the second shot at a GPS-measured 353 yards. Not far by some folk's standards, but that's not a shot I'm able to practice, and I only get a few 300+ yard opportunities a year. I'll take it.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Roughin' it

My travels take me to Gettysburg fairly often, which is over 20 miles from the home fires. Alas, this weekend has me needin' to be in Gettysburg a lot, so instead of runnin' back and forth and burnin' a bunch of gas, I just packed up some gear and headed for the "campsite" at the farm (otherwise known as the location of several fine parties over the years). In this case, it'll serve just fine for modest accommodations.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Best breakfast sandwich ever

Tack this on the the many reasons I will never be skinny.

A few weeks ago, my coworker brought in a bag of Thomas Maple French Toast bagels. Once I caught a whiff, I knew I had to try this phenomenon for myself. While discussing with him how goddammed delicious they were, we brainstormed up the brilliant idea of whippin' up some breakfast sandwiches with 'em.

So, I assembled the basic ingredients...
...and proceeded to marvel in the culinary bliss. Washin' it down with delicious, pulpy orange juice made it all the better.
Unfortunately, they're a limited edition flavor, so I don't have long to get my fix. So, you best run to the store and grab 'em soon and give it a try. You can thank me later.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Findin' some geese

The late goose season recently ended here in Pennsyltucky. I managed to get out a fair amount of times, which was great since I really hadn't spent much time gettin' after 'em the last few years. I hadn't done much durin' the late season, but with the final few days loomin', I made some time to go.

The ol' man and I checked out a local pond, and we had geese from start to finish. Our setup wasn't exactly optimal though, and after an abysmal display of marksmanship, we had shot almost a box of shells and had two birds to show for our efforts.

A couple days later, the last day, Dad and I went to the same pond in the mornin'. As a family, we were sittin' at 47 birds on the year, and Joe was all gung-ho about makin' it to 50. Thankfully, Dad and I found our mojo again that mornin' and walked out with four birds, puttin' us at 51 with the afternoon shoot left.

That afternoon, Dad went to check out another spot while Joe and I set up another pond that had birds on it that mornin'. I shot my first goose on that pond twenty years ago, and it has continued to produce many memorable hunts since then. That day was no exception, as Joe pulled in a nice group of birds that gave us the purtiest toll I've seen for awhile. We swept a pair that came in a little while later to finish out the season on a high note.

And so another goose season came to a close, with our family havin' bagged 58 birds. Not our best year, but most certainly not our worst. Best of all, I got to spend plenty of quality time with my favorite huntin' buddies.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fans from last season

I finally got around to knockin' out a couple of gobbler fan mounts that I had piled up from last spring. I have mine and the ol' man's sittin' around waitin' to be done, but I ain't quite sure what I want to do with them yet so they can wait a bit longer. In the meantime, the slayers of these particular longbeards will be happy to finally have their hands on these.