Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Backlogged (again)

I have a lotta catchin' up to do on this here blog, as usual. But that ain't happenin' today, and tomorrow ain't lookin' likely either. I'm mainly checkin' in to let my two faithful followers know that I ain't dead.

In lieu of a post with some substance, I'll simply leave you with my dinner from the other night...

Bacon cheddar elk burgers, otherwise known as Heaven between two slices of Italian. The elk burger was seasoned with some paprika, diced onion, garlic powder and Old Bay, with some bread crumbs and an egg thrown in to hold the whole mess together. Served with BBQ sauce and jalapeño pickles, and washed down with a local ale of unknown  origin (the filled growler was a Christmas present... I don't remember the name of the brewpub it came from). All of these things conspired to make a goddammed delicious, if not quite healthy, meal for this fat kid.