Thursday, October 28, 2010

Welcome back, y'all!

Yup, I'm back.

For those of you new to the group, I used to run a blog through the newspaper when I worked there, but gave up on it when I left. And for some reason, some people were really disappointed with that and have asked repeatedly to have me start the blog back up.

So, what the Hell. Here I am.

So for the new ones, let me tell ya a little about what to expect...

My first and foremost passion is hunting. Motorcycles run a close second. I spend as much time as humanly possible, and far too much money, doing one or the other. Thankfully, I have a very understanding girlfriend and boss that allow me to go full-bore into those pursuits.

As far as hunting, if it's in season I'll hunt it. My friends and I spend a lot of time hunting in Bradford County, PA, where we stay with our good friend Ron. He takes good care of us, and the hunting is top-notch. It's no less than three hours one way, but always worth the trip. I'll be happy to hunt anywhere, but that's where most of the shenanigans go down.

I'll ride the bike anywhere, too. I have four bikes, most of which are operational. I don't do the gang thing, I mainly fly solo. I mostly putt around town, but I make sure to do at least one, if not more, Iron Butt rides every summer. I've ridden with a great charity group for the last five or six years, and I have enjoyed the relationships that have formed from that group. I don't get into the biker events very much, but I've been known to work security at the events in nearby Gettysburg. The events are too big for my taste, but I like hangin' with bikers.

I grew up more or less on a farm and have been in 4-H forever, as a member and a leader. I still milk cows at my uncle's farm for a little extra coin. Because of that I've always been pretty agri-minded. Not much of a city guy.

I'm a fat guy, so naturally I like to eat... usually as unhealthily as possible. Working at the newspaper has turned me into a minor beer snob, another contributing factor to my waistline.

I like music. Tastes range from old country to classical to new rock. There's a few things I don't care for, but for the most part I am open-minded and enjoy anything with good lyrics or a good beat. I have satellite radio and listen to Pandora at work, so I hear alot. I'll throw out recommendations every now and again to help expand your library.

I enjoy sports, predominantly college football. I've been crucified for my love of the Fighting Irish, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Baltimore Orioles, but they've always been my boys and I won't be swayed any other way. I freely admit that I generally take more pleasure in the losses of our enemies than the wins of my own teams. About the only exercise my TV gets is some sort of sports a few times a week.

I'm a tech geek. I'm a graphic artist by trade, so I've used Macs since I graduated high school. My phone is far smarter than I ever hope to be. I like to get my hands on new gizmos and gadgets and trinkets and play with them.

Most of all I enjoy all things redneck... trucks, mud, blood, mountains, woods, wimmin, guns, beer, shiny objects, Blue Collar Comedy Tour, barns, bows, cows, parties, stealin' signs, dirt bikes and bonfires, just to name a few.

I hope y'all come back and check in every once in a while. I can't promise I'll update more than a few times a week, but I'll do my best.


Illegal Download of the Post

These guys are my favorite to download, since it pisses them off so much. They have enough money, so I'm not to worried about hurting their feelings. They do make some damn good music though.

Song: Orion
Artist: Metallica
Album: Master of Puppets (1986)

Y'all take care, now.

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