Monday, August 13, 2012

I miss bloggin'

So I'm upstate unwindin' and half drunk, so what better than to throw a random blog post into things.

I'm currently at the family cottage, which I consider to be my happy place. I'm by myself, which is pretty nice. Styx's Grand Illusion is spinning on the record player, sandwiched between Steve Miller Band and Johnny Paycheck. I'm on my fourth (or is it fifth?) rum and coke. I've already had a fantastic weekend with some close friends, shootin' guns, discussin' life, plowin' through copious amounts of food and drinkin' heavily. This was a much-needed weekend for this guy.

Some things I've learned this weekend:
 - I really, really, really like guns
 - I need to take more time for myself
 - I really hate bitches that play head games
 - My family and friends mean more to me than life itself .

Some random pictures (and a fuckin' awesome video) from the weekend:
My first rum and coke of the weekend
As my buddy Tator said, "You can never have too much
of a good thing." We put a hurtin' on Ron's target this weekend.
A kick-ass dragonfly I found while we were pickiin'
up unbroken clay birds.

A little back story to the videos...

A few years ago, Matt, Tator and I decided to needed to see how quickly we could unload a pair of .380's. Well, back in February I picked up a Taurus Raging Bull .44, just like one Matt already had, and since then he's been up my ass to see how quickly we could unload a pair of 'em. Since we had a shitton of guns and ammo and were happily expendin' a bunch of it already this weekend, it seemed like a good weekend to do it,

Unloadin' 12 rounds of .44's has never been funner, although I took a lot of abuse for takin' a step back whilst shootin' em. In my defense, I unloaded 'em in about half the time that Tator and Matt took, and I was the first one to go. I didn't even know I got knocked back until I watch the playback. Better edited video of the three of us will come in a few weeks when I get my fingers on a Mac again. We have three different camera angles from all three of us shootin', so it should be pretty fun once I git it done.

Aight, well, the Grand Illusion has since kicked and I need to give Mr. Paycheck his turn on the turntable, so I reckon I'll wrap this up.

This drunken rant brought to you by Bacardi Superior Original Premium Rum and a work-free weekend. Thank God for spell check.

I'll be seein' ya.

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  1. Rock on Bear. I was wondering what had happened to you around the blogosphere and interwebs (the ones created by the almighty Pope Albert Whore and his band of brain dead minions). Hope things are good with you and yours.

    Good to see you're posting again. No one else really posts any good metal, so maybe one of these days I'll cruise on by for a visit and see some Wednesday Grind? It's been a while...