Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Float trip

This past Sunday, the girl and I decided to snag the kayaks from the parent's house and head to nearby Conewago Creek for a little adventure.

We sure as shit didn't set any speed records, but our journey took us about seven and a quarter miles in just under five hours. We'd selected a reasonably rural route, and we were rewarded with a few deer sightings, a couple herons, some curious ducks that let us get reasonably close and more than a few acrobatic squirrels. Along the more populated parts of the route, we saw plenty of folks out enjoyin' a lazy Sunday with their families along the water.

Aside from a few shallow areas and two dams that required me to hike my fat ass outta the boat and walk for a bit, it was a rather relaxin' Sunday afternoon spent with my lady, which is somethin' that I don't make time to do enough.

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