Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cheap broadhead target

Some things I'm okay with spendin' good money on, but an archery target ain't one of 'em. I've never been real keen on blowin' $40 bucks on layered foam with cheap plastic cinches that they pawn off at the box stores, that inevitably give up the ghost after a few hundred shots. ($40 is about as cheap as they get... some of the better brands exceed several hundred dollars.) And while they have other cheapo targets out there for less than $20, they ain't made for broadhead use. For the most part, my practicin' sessions are strictly with practice broadheads in preparation for the huntin' seasons, so I needed to find a better solution than blowin' money on a new broadhead target every year.

For about $10 and an hour of time, I whipped up this ugly but functional portable target. And while it might not last any longer than the box store cheapos, all I gotta do to renew it is throw in a few bucks worth of new insulation panels and hit it with the spray bomb again.

I just wrapped her up tonight... an official field test will likely happen tomorrow.

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