Thursday, March 19, 2015

Poor birds

If one was to spend any length of time in our humble abode, chances are they'd hear a rather stout "thump!" every now and again, sometimes a couple of 'em in an hour's time.

You guessed it. The local tweety-birds spend a ridiculous amount of time tryin' to take the shortcut through our window-heavy home. Seems like it's a bit worse with snow on the ground, which has been most of the last four months 'round these parts.

We've only had a few casualties that I've noticed, so it's more entertainin' than anything else, especially the tufts of feathers left on the windows and the mini snow-angels they leave in the drifts below the windows.


  1. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade...

    We also get the occasional male cardinal that picks a fight with his reflection. No harm done except for the annoyance of the constant "click-thud" when the idiot bird strikes his 'foe.'

  2. One of our casualties was a woodpecker. I wonder if the bacon, peppers and Shiner would make it taste like dove...