Thursday, August 6, 2015

Work around the house

I'm normally off runnin' around, workin' or doin' somethin' other than stayin' home and bein' productive around the house. This past weekend, I made it a point to keep the schedule clean and fix that. I had a reasonably productive week for once, and finally feel like I'm makin' progress around the estate. Only took a year and half.

First and foremost was gettin' the workbench set up in the shop. Most of the projects around the house involve me buildin' somethin', so this one needed to be done a long time ago. It's got a long way to go until I call it complete, but at least it's up and functional.

Half the battle in the shop was the damned mess of shit that's been piled up in it the last year and half. Among all the other junk in there was an old kitchen cabinet destined for the basement (see below) and a mess of skid tops from work, aka free, decent wood. I didn't make much progress on the mess as a whole, but I got the cabinet outta there and was able to stack the skid tops in a single pile. I gotta say, it's one purty pile of wood.

Next up on the list was the basement workbench, where I hope to set up my reloadin' equipment and huntin' stuff. My buddy Erik was guttin' his house and was gonna burn this ol' kitchen cabinet, but as sturdy as it was, I opted to take it off his hands. I raised it up to a comfortable workin' height for me and put a new top on it. Again, it's not anywhere near completion yet, but it's a solid start.

 On top of that, I'm still procrastinatin' with gettin' our winter firewood split and stacked, so I need to start checkin' that off the list too. I got a brief start on a pile of locust, and was reminded by the aches the next mornin' that I haven't swung an axe with any regularity since last winter.

All in all though, it was a very productive few days. It's amazin' how much I get done when I take a few days off and don't go anywhere.

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