Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fulton County Adventurin'

Holy hell, had it been a busy few weeks. Reckon I'll pick up close to where I left off.


In lieu of our annual Bowhunter's Weekend, Schlongie and his ol' man and I decided to change things up a bit a head to their cabin in Fulton County the first weekend in November. It'd been damn near ten years since I'd made my only trip there, so my memory was a little foggy about the place. Schlongie and his two uncles would be headed up the mountain to bowhunt, while Reds and I would try to put a whoopin' on some turkeys and grouse.

I gotta say, they have about a picture-perfect little cabin up there. The neighbors are a little close, but that ain't really a deal breaker. The place butts up against a purty good chunk of state ground, and it was damn nice to walk out the back door and go huntin'. The inside is everything you'd expect from a proper huntin' cabin. 

I spent the first day drinkin' beer and keepin' my feet up. There are some perks to havin' a full freezer. I did finally get my act together and cover a few miles durin' the afternoon lookin' for critters, but to no avail. The weather was a bit sketchy, but the view was nice. 

The second day, I hit the woods with Reds in search of some turkeys he'd gown into the day before. Naturally, the little bastards were nowhere to be found, but we explored a couple miles of mountainside and had a good time anyway.

We retired back to the cabin early to prepare a dinner of fresh backstraps for the rest of the crew, and enjoy a few cold ones, of course.

Sunday came too quickly, and we broke camp about midday and headed back to civilization.

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