Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's gonna be a great weekend...

It's purty much a crappy day out there, but I'm about as excited as I can be. Why? The ol' truck is loaded down and ready to head upstate. Two full days of hunting with my best friends during the peak of the rut, with a huge party to follow. What more could a boy ask for?

I started a little thing we call "Bowhunter's Weekend" a few years ago as a way to get my best friend, Schlongie, and his ol' man, Reds, upstate for a day of good hunting. The three of us went up, had a hell of a time, and Reds managed to arrow a nice 6-point. Now in its fifth year, there will be 12 or 13 of my closest friends and family heading up to bowhunt and/or fall turkey hunt. Ron has graciously hosted us every year, and he puts on a great hunting camp for us. This year, he decided to combine our weekend with a fall party, inviting friends and landowners to come share in the festivities. As you might guess, everyone has been looking forward to this for a long time.

And the rut is definitely turning on. Schlongie and I went spotting around the area last night. We didn't see a lot of deer, but one field held six or eight deer, including a bruiser of a buck. We watched the big boy run off a smaller buck several times, then wander over to the treeline and work over his scrape and licking branch.

And if that wasn't proof enough, I got an e-mail from Ron last night, sent to him by a good friend...

This is the buck Rich and I found behind the barn Sunday evening.
A 2nd buck was hanging around and we were trying to see how close we could get to him before he ran.
They must have got in a fight and the other buck was admiring his kill.
Notice his  eye is poked out.
The other buck was a smaller 6pt. This buck was a huge 9pt.

So needless to say, the deer up there are actively rutting and fighting.

I think we'll have a great hunt with lots of success and stories, and the party's gonna be awesome!

I'm sure there'll be pictures to follow, so stay tuned...


Illegal Download of the Post

What can I say? Steady Teddy is my drink of choice when I'm getting ready to head to the hills.

Song: Stranglehold
Artist: Ted Nugent
Album: Ted Nugent (1975)

Y'all take care, now.

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