Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What a weekend it was

So bear hunting was quite exciting this year...

After going at it for six years, I finally had my first chance at a Pennsylvania bruin.... and whiffed.

When I heard the twig snap on the edge of the thick shit, I was expecting an ol' whitetail to come barrelin' out. Low and behold, it was a bear. I was completely shocked, but I managed to let loose with the ol' Winchester 30-30, but didn't connect. Put a hell of a hole in a couple different trees though.

But all was not lost. The second drive of the second day, we pushed this 300-pounder (dressed) past one of our gang. After lot of shooting and then an hour up uphill dragging, it was time to celebrate.

Look at the grill on this sumbitch...

It turns out out that it was a research bear, with a collar, ear tags, tattoos, the whole nine yards. That didn't make him dumb, and certainly not easier to kill, just means he went into the pipe to eat a few doughnuts. After getting checked out PGC Wildlife Biologist Steve Rapaski, it was determined that the boar's live weight was around 354.

I took some video at the check station. It's a little long, but it's cool to see the process.

All in all, a tremendously exciting hunt and more great memories for the ol' noggin.

Now, time to switch gears to the buck season opener on Monday. Stay tuned for more...

Y'all take care, now.

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