Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our TN trip in pictures

We took a shit-ton of pictures last week on our trip South... Here's a few of 'em. Some are mine, some my lady took.

Cool lil' chop-shop gas station in BFE on the way there.

Our humble abode for the trip.

One of the overlooks on the way to Newfound Gap.

East view from Newfound Gap.

A smokin' hot Indian in one of the parkin' areas.

The observation deck at Clingman's Done

One of the many tunnels along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

My lady takin' pictures at Yellow Face Overlook, BRP.

The mornin' sun in Cade's Cove.

Panoramic view.

Hen with her poults.

A baldie in the fog.

A few nice, close bucks.

Some big ol' bones off in the distance.

A happy little tree.

One of the many kick-ass old buildings in Cade's Cove.

Two insolent bastards.

Old Methodist Church and cemetery.

Neat sign.

We found them big-boned critters later, a little closer.

Momma Bear.

... and the baby's tired.

Tree of Shame at Deal's Gap, parts from folks that fucked up doin' The Dragon.
No additions from my bike, thank goodness.

Some ballsy kids launchin' off a rock.

My lady takin' more pictures.

My Momma's maiden name... had to get a picture with it along the BRP.
Pounding Mill Overlook, BRP, on our way home.

1,721 miles in four days... a nice lil' trip on the ol' V-Star. I could post hundreds of pictures of the mountains. Not quite as grand as they are in the west, but best we'll find east of the Mississippi. Ate some good grub, saw lots of critters and finally got to experience it all on two wheels, somethin' I've been hankerin' to do since my first down time there 11 years ago.

T'was a nice getaway with my woman and my bike, for sure.

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