Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Grind

You mighta noticed that I've been attemptin' to post a little more often. For the time bein', I found a loophole that allows me wireless internet through my phone without payin' AT&T's rifuckindiculous $20 charge for teatherin'. They might catch on and start chargin' me.... they might not. Fuck 'em either way.

In the interim, I will enjoy bein' able to use real internet from my couch for the first time since February.

So, now to the good shit...

Pretty sure I've posted this at least once, but it's worth postin' again. Rock out and enjoy.

Recorded live on 5 December, 2008 in Alberta, Canada. As per the original poster, the first documented live performance of this song.

LUCK.... RUNS..... OUT........

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