Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So long, MDF

Long story short, that cocksucker boss that I worked for at Mason Dixon finally pushed me over the edge, so I put my two weeks in a few weeks back. Frankly, I was gettin' sick of drinkin' every night to keep from killin' him the next mornin', so all in all it was probably a good decision. I'll just have to pinch the purse strings a little tighter for a few weeks until I get in somewhere else.

I gotta tell ya... I'm a workin' man and have held a lot of jobs over the course of my existence. I've had good bosses and bad bosses. That bastard was hands-down the worst ever, and the turnaround at that farm shows it. I was one of seven people that have held down that position over the last three years. Several other positions on that farm that are under his watch show the similar results. Hell, my ol' man worked for him 35 years ago and said he was pretty much a dickhead then, too, so I can't say I wasn't warned.

But enough ventin' about that waste of oxygen.

This comin' weekend is our annual Bowhunter's Weekend upstate. It's always a fantastic time with great friends, although it'll be hard to duplicate our success from last year. Since Joe is currently unemployed at the moment, we decided it'd be a fantastic idea to head up in the middle of a hurricane to get there nice and early and get a few extra huntin' days in before everyone else gets here.

We're kinda relaxin' here this mornin', but as soon as this weather is outta here, we'll be hittin' the woods. The deer were showin' signs of ruttin' activity before the storm got here, and once the conditions improve, they're gonna explode.

I'll keep ya posted.


  1. Good for you, Bear! Glad to hear you got out of that job. :)

    I hope y'all have a successful weekend--not sure Wade will make it on account of working overtime...and I'm staying home on account of the fact that at this point, I sleep better at home than anywhere else.

  2. Life's too short to work for some asshole that brings you down. I worked for an absolute CUNT for a couple years before I realized that she was the reason I was getting wasted every night. There are enough assholes in the world to not have to work for one, and I don't want to drink to forget things, I like to enjoy a good buzz.

    Good for you man, and happy hunting.