Monday, November 26, 2012

A very successful buck opener

Not so much for me, as I decided to sleep in. I was on stand by 10:30 this morning, but didn't see a deer. Not really that surprising down here, and all things considered, I had a helluva relaxin' day.

Of course, I couldn't really catch much of a nap due to my phone blowin' up every three seconds with pictures from my friends and family. There was a lotta bucks hittin' the dirt today, and I'm very proud of my friends, family, and specifically my ol' man. I'll let the pictures do the talkin'....

The ol' man with his Bradford County 8-point
My buddy Mike's ol' man whacked this
Adams County 9-point.
Tater dropped this pig in Fulton County this mornin'... helluva buck!
23" inside spread, 24" beams... green scored at 141".

And a very successful day down home at the farm I help out at. I'm lookin' forward to huntin' with everyone down there in two weeks.

One of the neighbors with a nice 7-point

Uncle John connected on this 8-point from his deck.

My second cousin Tyler dropped this big 8-point, one of the
biggest buck to come off the farm.

I honestly don't give a damn if I don't see a deer on this trip. The ol' man connected, and I'm happy to share in the success of my friends and family. That's all I really need this time of year.

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  1. 'on stand by 10:30 this morning'

    WTF? Do deer in PA sleep in?

    No wonder you didn't see one.