Saturday, November 24, 2012

Centre County bruins

Last Sunday found me en route to Centre County for my annual trek to chase the bear. Dad had hunted with the group on Saturday and had to be home on Sunday, so I was the lone family representative for Monday's hunt.

About 30 minutes into our openin' drive, three shots rang out in front of me as I stood in wait of the drivers movin' ahead of me. The drive stalled, and cousin Randy left his post above mine and headed down the hill to join me. After a few anxious minutes of tryin' to unscramble the radio traffic and strainin' our ears to decipher all the hollerin' goin' on a few hundred yards away, we finally heard the words we were waitin' for... "Bear down!"

Congratulations to Smally on his first bear. It's always nice to get that icin' on the cake, especially when I only get one day to hunt 'em a year.

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