Sunday, May 5, 2013

The first week's been a good one

After the opener's excitement with the ol' man, Schlongie and the Kid takin' some big ol' birds, we was kinda thinkin' we might tail off a little bit. We was wrong.

Matt and Spanky doubled up on a pair of jakes on Monday mornin'. Spanky's had a few close calls, but this was his first turkey, which is always a reason to celebrate. Course, we had to educate the County Bitch on how to clean the boogers, which is always a treat.

Tater and I spent Monday mornin' along a field edge, and when the damned ol' bird finally showed up, Tater's gun was on his lap. Let's just say that jake got an early education and prolly a few pellets in his ass. I wound up with some shitty footage of a shitty miss.

Wednesday, I had off work again, so I headed over to my aunt and uncle's place down around home. After a long, quiet, borin' mornin', I had just thrown in the towel and started packin' my bag up and gettin' ready to head out when this ol' boy showed up. For once I wasn't dickin' around with my bow or musket, and the 3-1/2" load of Hevi-Shot did the trick right quick.
24lbs, 9-5/8" beard, 1-1/8" spurs

I think Grandpa was happier than I was. Love that ol' bastard.

So, now that I got the monkey off my back, I'll get to fartin' around with the toys again. Time to smoke one now...

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