Saturday, April 27, 2013

Openin' Day hook-daddies!

Erik got things started off bright and early this mornin'. After losin' his grandpappy on Wednesday and debatin' whether to come up or not, he walked up the hill and whacked a big ol' longbeard. Grandpa Long woulda been proud, and I know I damn sure am.

20lbs, 9.5" beard, 1-5/16" spurs

Dad made up for an early miss this mornin' by pluggin' the same bird a few hours later. Lemme tell ya, this big ol' pig has one of the biggest heads I've ever seen on a gobbler.
23.5lbs, 9: beard, 1-5/16" spurs and a huge head

Both birds were at least three or four years old and had almost identical spurs. I'm just proud as hell that I was able to share the success of the opener in my favorite place with my two favorite huntin' buddies.
Like I mentioned in my last post, Joe had a few sugar-daddies lined up down on the home front, so there he stayed. Sure enough, it payed off for him. Little bastard fed a bunch of shot to his hen decoy and my strutter decoy that I loaned to him in the process.
21.5lbs, 10-1/4" beard, 1-1/4" spurs

So with only the first day under our belts, we already have three on the ground. Ron predicted ten for the camp for the year, so we're well on our way.

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