Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Body Count '13 - #6 - #12

After seein' my favorite field loaded with groundhogs the other day, I pretty much knew how my day off today was gonna go.

The first five... the three small ones were from the same hole.
My long shot for the day... 290 yards, after missin' her once.
And a bonus baby that I walked up on as I was leavin'.

A long time ago, I used to shoot groundhogs with my deer rifle, for lack anythin' else at the time. After awhile, I was able to buy bullets for Dad's ol' .225 Winchester, which helped a bit. I can't even imagine the carnage I could have caused with the farm's groundhog population durin' my youth if I'da had this gun. What a frikkin' tack driver.

I had a damn fine time today, and left plenty to shoot at the next time, whenever that is.

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