Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Got my duck back

You might remember a damn fine duck hunt from last fall with my good buddy Tater.

Well, sure 'nuff, that ol' drake green-winged teal found his way to the taxidermist that very afternoon. I'd heard rumbin's of a fella named Randy Kuntz who wasn't too far a poke from me, that did excellent work at a more than reasonable price.

I asked him to attempt somethin' he'd never tried before, and he did a right admirable job. I certainly won't shy away from takin' anythin' to him in the future.

My girl, in lieu of her normal case of beer, got me a treasure for my birthday this year; a signed Gerald Putt print. Specifically, the 2000-2001 Pennsylvania Duck Stamp. I've be seein' Putt's work all my life, and he's done countless Pennsylvania Game News covers. I've been priviledged enough to watch him paint in person at his booth at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. For us artsy-fartsy hunter types, he's purty much a legend.

My diabolical plan is to complete a display with the mount and the print incorporated with each other. Should make a damn fine addition to the man cave when I git 'er done.

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