Thursday, February 20, 2014

Slowly gettin' there

One good thing about the new house is the fact that it has two livin' rooms, which means one of them is more or less at my disposal. The girl maintains veto power, but thankfully she's purty open-minded thus far.

So, in between shovelin' snow, work, and the million other things I manage to pile on my plate, I've been slowly gettin' stuff hung up. The big challenge about doin' it now is tryin' to plan around furniture that hasn't yet been built or bought.

But until that stuff comes, I'll do the best I can. So far, so good.

Ned Smith's "Timber Baron", Ron's beard board, and some
creeper lady.

I removed the snow goose from his former wooden base
and got crazy with the 10-lb test and eye hooks.

This was the second, but prolly not the last, attempt at
this wall. Off to a good start, anyway.

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