Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2011 Trophies

A couple weeks ago, I finally got around to gettin' my critters from Wyoming and my rifle season buck from 2011 mounted up on plaques. I'd already done simmered 'em off a long time ago, but didn't really have room to put 'em up in the old place, so I never got real ambitious with gettin' 'em on plaques.

Well, I got the space now, and I'm tryin' to get all these little nit-pickin' projects outta the way so I can focus on the big stuff that needs done around the house.

Now to figure out how to arrange 'em on the wall...

I also finished up our buddy Smitty's 2011 spring gobbler. I'd made the mistake of settin' it up out in the shop, and it was more or less out of sight, therefore, out of mind. I made a point to get it done before I headed up to camp, so I knocked that out as well.

Thankfully, Smitty was patient with me, and he was purty tickled to get his hands on the mount.

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