Friday, May 16, 2014

Rack 'o ribs

For the first time ever, I took the whole racks of ribs from the humongous doe that I got with the muzzleloader back in January. Really, it was the first deer I've ever killed that had enough meat on the ribs to warrant takin' the whole rack.

Since I lack any culinary chops outside of a damn good breakfast sammich, I had Joe figger out a good recipe to use for 'em  for camp last weekend. Bein' that venison is super lean and dries easily, I knew that we'd have a challenge.

I couldn't begin to tell ya the recipe that Boy Wonder found, but the flavor was purty damn good. Unfortunately, we pretty much screwed the pooch on gettin' 'em cooked up. We attempted to braise 'em in the oven, then finish 'em out on the grill. They were dry as all hell, and we really shoulda made a few more bone cuts before we cooked 'em, as they were kinda hard to yank apart in some places.

Oh well... it all got ate anyway, and it gives us a better idea of how to whip 'em up a bit better next time. And, I still have the other set of ribs to work with.

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