Thursday, February 5, 2015

Playin' Catch-up

After a rather hectic December and January, Monday marked my first day off in almost eight weeks. Aside from splittin' wood for an hour or so, I purty much did nothin', and it was glorious. After my cousin's accident, I pretty much vowed to help out however possible, which meant pickin' up as many of her and her mother's milkin' shifts as possible until we could get another milker trained. Needless to say, I've seen more than enough of those cows since then. Fit in my full time job and my bar shifts, and I've not spent much time at home as of late.

Thankfully, it looks like my schedule will be returnin' to what passes for normal, for the most part. That'll undoubtedly make the girl happy, as I can finally spend a little more time with her and start makin' a contribution to our home again. I've got a list ten miles long of shit that need done around here. Hopefully, that also means I'll be able to catch up on some postin' that I've been slackin' on the last few weeks.

I've got a lot to catch up on this here blog, startin' with the last week of deer season the week before my cousin's accident. Hopefully y'all don't mind some old news, cuz you're fixin' to get some.

Stay tuned, y'all.

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