Friday, June 26, 2015

Random Pictures

Here's some random pictures I've snapped over the last few weeks. Individually, they ain't worth a full blog post, but they're worth a mention in a bulk post.

This was taken in early May, but it purty much sums up
June in Central PA. We haven't gone 48 hours without rain in
quite a few weeks.

Some folks bring awesome rides
to the bar.
I bet this ol' gal has seen a bar parkin' lot more than once though.
Enjoyin' some apple pie shine by the bonefire at Joe's graduation
shindig. In other news, Jesse and I, long past the age of frequent
recreational drinkin' games, repeatedly pummeled Joe and his
cronies at beer pong that night. It was quite satisfyin'.
It took a little work, but the girl and I spent a recent Sunday
cleanin' out the water feature in the back yard.

That stubborn chunk of corn stubble
rode a couple hundred miles before
fallin' off, after bein' stuck in the
lower grill cover for several days prior.
Happiness is fresh strawberry pie in the milkin' parlor...
Happiness is also a Monday mornin' turkey fry for breakfast,
while everyone else is at work. FYI, if you haven't tried
Lefty's Fish and Chicken Mix, I highly you getcha some.
Sunrise from the milkin' parlor.
A couple young bucks visited the estate the other night.
A side effect of all the rain is we've seen plenty of full
and double-full rainbows as of late.
Dinner was delivered to the house the other night. I took this
from my mailbox after almost runnin' 'em over as I was comin'
home from work.
I had a fuel wood cutting permit for Michaux State Forest
the other week, and since I couldn't borrow a bigger truck,
I just made do with the 'Yota. I don't want to do it too often
since she's only a four-banger, but it's good to know what
she's capable of if needed.

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