Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wagon Wheel and the Iron Man

I've always liked baseball. I still love watchin' my brothers go to work on the diamond, and every now and then I'll pick up my ol' glove and have some fun. I'll still watch a game or three on the tube every now and again, but the pro game has lost a lot of luster for me in the last few years.

I remember a day back when pro baseball was truly fun to watch.... a day when I lived to watch ol' number 8 walk up to the plate. When my older brother and I were kids, we used to play one-on-one baseball in the front yard... old softball bats and tennis balls, with trees for bases. If we hit it over the neighbor's fence across the street, it was a homer. I'd do my best to imitate Cal during these summer pickup games. I hardly did him justice, as my older and more athletic brother usually whooped up on me, but it was still a boatload of fun.

Cal was (and still is) one of the purest players to ever play the game. He played with a joy and enthusiasm each and every game that I wish all pro ballers played with. So naturally, when I stumbled upon this video of the '01 All Star game, I had to watch it a few times and remember the good ol' days...

And some Old Crow is helpin' me through this Thursday as well, so I might as well share that with ya too...


  1. Love that tune...and always admired Cal...but hated him in '83 when Orioles beat my Phils..

  2. I was only a few months outta the oven when that happened, and we haven't tasted glory since!