Monday, June 13, 2011

Just enough rain to piss ya off...

I've been helpin' a buddy make hay here the last week. First time I've done that kinda work regularly for a few years. It's good work for sure... a good workout, and ya lay down in bed at night feelin' like ya actually did somethin'. The only bad thing is unloain' the wagons in a hot, stuffy ol' barn, and last week it was in the upper 90's. Gotta drink a lot of water, since passin' out is no fun.

Well, we got two wagons of hay in the barn yesterday when Momma Nature decided to interfere. Didn't rain a bunch, just enough to make what was layin' wet enough that we couldn't bale anymore.

So, what the hell. Went home, got the ol' lady, met up with my little brother for a bit and started yankin' the lips offa some largemouth bass. I'm not much of a fishin' guy like Joe is, so he gave me a crash course on the ol' Carolina Rig, and off we went. I caught a half-dozen or so, and Joe caught a bunch more than that. The biggest mighta been 13, 14 inches but hell, we had fun.

A Sunday well spent after a workin' most of the weekend, but back to the office grind again.

Happy fuckin' Monday.

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