Friday, July 22, 2011

As Mojo says...

"Hotter'n two foxes fuckin' in a forest fire!"

It's a warm one. I'm the lucky bastard, as almost all of my buddies are stuck outside for their jobs. It's so damn hot that some of their bosses have been sendin' 'em home early. I always think about scrappin' my desk job for some good ol' manual labor, since they all make a lot more coin than I do, but then days like this come along and remind me that sometimes, bein' poor ain't that bad.

The weekend ain't gonna be much better. Got an outdoor reunion on Saturday and a picnic on Sunday, all crammed between two shifts at the bar... looks like I'm gonna spend my weekend sweatin' my nuts off.


Some random notes:

Check this out for some free Hagg.

41 days until the dove and goose opener here in PA.

Holy hell, I can't wait...

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