Friday, July 8, 2011

I love my Limey

Oh, that Limey of mine. Finally got 'er back from gittin' the clutch done a few weeks ago, only to find the fork seals had taken a shit while she'd been sittin' all those months. Dropped the forks out and took 'em to the shop to have them do it. I'm cheap, but I ain't playin' chicken with the front end. I'll let the pros handle it.

So there my baby sat with no front end for a week while I waited to git the forks back. It's the middle of July and in the middle of Gettysburg Bike Week, so they're kinda busy.

Well, picked 'em up on the way into town yesterday, then wound up gittin' off my shift early. It's never a bad thing when I find myself with extra time. Bed? Who needs sleep when the love of my life needs put back together?

Well, I got 'er done without too much trouble. Everything went back together purty easily, although I think my brake and clutch lines took in some air while they were hangin' upside-down for a week. They're purty squishy, but I'll wait and git help on that. It'll do as is for now.

While I had 'er in pieces, I decided to antique 'er up a bit. I had already picked up a set of fork gaiters when I bought the seals, so I threw them on. Took off the sissy bar, put on the flat seat and lowered the handlebars a bit. I must say, the ol' bitch looks purty good. Low, mean and classic.... gotta love it.

Oh, and I just had to post this one up too.... got my annual Bike Week 'hawk spiked up and ready to go. Had to forego it last year due to a hitchin' I was in, so it's good to have it back. I pity da foo!

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