Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The adventure continues...

A few quick and random observations from my first two days at the new job...

- Gettin' up at 5am for anything other than huntin' is for the birds. I don't much care for goin' to bed by 9pm either. Although doing both regularly will make gettin' up to hunt easier.

- My skills (or lack thereof) with a skidloader need to improve, quickly.

- I'm havin' severe withdrawl of the internet in general and blogs in particular, both readin' and writin'.

- I'll like my new boss a lot better when I don't have to rely on him to answer questions to shit I don't know.

- Neccesito apprender hablo Espanol (or somethin' to that effect).

- My brain and body are gettin' a major wake-up call. After essentially spendin' my whole life as an 8-5 desk jockey, all this walkin' will hopefully whip my ass into shape. On that note...

- I don't have time to snack, somethin' I did faithfully to pass time in the office.

- It doesn't matter how large a farm is... Somethin' is still bound to be redneck-rigged together.

- Feedin' newborn calves ain't as fun as it looks like. Neither is bein' shoulder-deep in a cow's ass to make sure she's indeed pregnant (weird cow fact: you can feel an unborn calf through the intestinal wall).

- Irate cows are much better than irate people.

- I miss my old co-workers. I sure as shit don't miss my old job.

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