Monday, February 6, 2012

Happiness is some trigger time

Checked out the 500 project gun with the buckshot, then ran a few rounds through the .357 revolver and emptied a few mags through the .380. Hardly organized but a helluva fun way to burn an hour and piss off the neighbors.


  1. Yes Sir...nothing like squeezing off some rounds to clear the mind.
    Were you please with the pattern?

  2. I was indeed, although it's hard to tell by looking at the paper. After awhile, I just start aiming at whatever piece of paper is still open so it's hard to tell. I usually fire at a clear spot, then aim for that hole with the rest of 'em.

    I thought the buckshot would spread out more with the cut barrel, but it was holding a 5" pattern at 10 yards, about 10" at 20. I was pleased with the .380 group at 20 yards, especially since it's only a 4" barrel. Need some work with the .357, though.... that's the 6-shot group on the lower right at 20 yards.