Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Deer everywhere, and the arrows were flyin'

We'll try a long, long time before we top a weekend like this. In two days of huntin', nine bowhunters harvested seven deer, including four buck.

Schlongie's ol' man, Reds, started the action on Friday night by arrowin' a beautiful ol' nine-point. Unfortunately, they weren't able to recover the deer until Sunday, so it was the first one shot but the last one found. Saturday mornin', my ol' man started things off by smokin' a button-head. Both of my brothers followed suit, with Joe arrowin' a nice eight-point (also recovered on Sunday) and my big brother makin' us all proud with his first bow harvest, a fine Bradford County six-point. Joe also whacked a big ol' doe after backin' off of his buck's trail. I got a young doe, and Schlongie's Uncle John hammered a big ol' wide nine-point at last light.

On a cool side-note, this was the first time that my brothers and our dad all killed deer the same day, so that was pretty special to be a part of.

Sunday at Bowhunter's weekend is usually a laid-back affair, but seems like all we did this year was cut up deer all day... which is a fantastic problem to have, I might add. We were short a few hunters as well, so who knows what kinda damage we'd have done with them in the woods.

Overall, it was a great long weekend spent with my family and close friends, as always... we certainly set the bar pretty high for next year!

The 2011 Bowhunter's Weekend crew
Reds, John and Schlongie with John's 9-point - 167lbs dressed, 20" inside spread
Joe and Jesse with their deer
Reds' big 9-point, dressed out at 175lbs
This is how we spent our Sunday!

Many thanks again to Ron for takin' us all in and takin' great care of us, and thanks to all our landowners who allow us to use their land.

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