Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Big bucks

If you was a brown, four-legged woodland creature around Spring Hill, PA on Monday, you had a bad friggin' day.

Ron, Joe and I all punched our doe tags in the mornin'. Ron saw 19 deer in the mornin', and finally took a big ol' doe with a well-placed shot from his 7mm Short Mag. I broke in my M91/30 Mosin Nagant at first light, and Joe made a beautiful 140-yard shot on a runnin' doe with my Winchester 94 open-sight 30-30. That little shit is the only one lucky enough to put a .30" projectile straight through the top of the heart under those circumstances, but I digress.

Ron decided he hadn't had enough, so he went out in the afternoon and put the smack-down on a big ol' eight-point.

Not to be outdone, Ron's brother Jimmy decided to one-up all of us and whacked a beast of a nine-point on Tuesday, easily taking sole control of the buck pool. The brute had an inside spread of over 19".

A few years back, the PA Game Commission implemented antler restrictions and undertook some pretty drastic policy changes aimed at improvin' herd quality and habitat. I personally ain't about to argue with wildlife biologists, but you shoulda heard all the bitchin' when the new rules were first laid out. There was a lotta gripin' back then, but there seems to be less and less each year as everyone starts gettin' a chance at bigger bucks. Our camp has brought in some of our best bucks in just the last few years, and you'll get no gripin' from us.


  1. Nice looking bucks. We've had game management in place down here for quite a while (mainly on private ranches), and it works.

    140 yard shot with open sights at a running deer?!? I'd rather be lucky than good... although you can't argue with a deer on the ground.