Sunday, December 2, 2012

Into Week 2

As we're relaxin' here at camp, we're takin' a page from CenTexTim... football on the TV, feet up, bellies full of Shiner and red meat. Or, at least, that's what I hope he's doin'.

We had a pretty borin' day yesterday in the deer woods. Cousin Nate whacked a big ol' doe, but aside from that, not too many of us had much of a chance. Hell, I only saw one deer all day, and that one was 700 yards away, bookin' it across a field. Seems like the neighbors that spend most of the day drivin' out the local woodlots took special pains to drive around and away from us, which sucked for us since we set up specifically to pot-hunt offa those drives.

No worries, though... most of us have ample meat in the freezer already, and since Joe and I have our buck tags filled, we're just tryin' to help out the local farmers by thinnin' the doe population. We'll get into 'em tomorrow.

I hadn't gotten around to postin' pics yet, but Uncle Bill and one of our local friends up here both took nice buck in last Tuesday's snow. Hopefully a few more folks will score here in the second week.

Uncle Bill, two of my cousins and the landowner with
Bill's second day 8-point.

Our friend and neighbor Bryn with his Spring
Hill 10-point.

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