Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gunpowder therapy

As I mentioned a few posts back, when I decided on a caliber for a varmint gun, I settled on the good ol' .223, since the ammo was cheap and easy to find.

Well, fast forward to current day, and it's a literal bitch to find anything in any caliber, much less reasonably priced. The reliable American Eagle 50-grain Varmint Tips that shoot well out of both Joe's and my gun are practically impossible to find on the shelves, and the ones we've seen at gun shows have been priced no less than 300% higher than what we were payin' before.

We were both gettin' low, so when a few tray lots of several hundred soft-tipped and varmint-tipped reloads went across the board at the auction a few weeks ago, I jumped on 'em.

Since they were reloads and I ain't sure how they were built, Joe and I decided to get together and shoot 'em and see how they did.

It was a touch windy which kept us under 100 yards, but since it was more or less a performance check and not an official sight in, that was fine. The reloads proved to be relatively accurate, so once the American Eagles are gone, we can dial 'em in and keep whackin' hogs. Either way, it was nice weather after yesterday's snow, and burnin' powder is always good for clearin' the head out.

Methinks I'll be havin' a gun-cleanin' party tonight with the last of my growler of Nugget Nectar...

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