Monday, April 1, 2013

Pennsylvania Trout Opener

The ol' man's always made sure we were together whenever possible on a stream somewhere for the first day of trout season. We've all missed a few here or there, but the tradition lives on year after year.

Jesse couldn't make it this year, but he sent my nephew along as his much cuter representative. I only made it out for about an hour, but I got to watch Alex catch a few fish (with Uncle Joe's help). Fishin' to me is just somethin' that I do when there's nothin' to hunt, but I managed to yank one in, just to remind Joe that I can do it.

The ol' man, still a fishin' ninja in his advanced age.

Uncle Joe mighta helped with the first one.... or four.

Under duress, I can still catch a fish.

"Our" spot for the mornin'.

He's a cute lil' shit.

Expert unhookin' instruction from Uncle Joe.

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