Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I know, I'm a slacker

I've been throwin' myself into the new job for the last few weeks. Couple that with the side jobs, doin' shit around the homestead, and gettin' ready for the redneck Christmas PA spring turkey season, bloggin' ain't been on my mind too much.

My little buddy Dax, Joe and I headed out to the hills of western Adams County last week for the youth hunt. Skunked again for the third year, but we came damn close. Had three jakes come hollerin' up the trail to our set up, but they saw somethin' ugly and hung up at 50 yards... just a shade too far for the young'in to try. I got some decent footage though, and Dax is a helluva good kid and had a great time seein' 'em that close.

They hung up but still gobbled their damned ol' heads off.

Insolent bastards.
Daxton and Joe practicin' the fine art of turkey huntin'.

Next stop is up to Ron's with the Full Strut gang this weekend. Joe's got some sugar birds lined up a few miles from the parent's house, so he'll be hangin' around here. Dad's headin' up in the mornin', and I'm followin' on Friday mornin'. Hopefully between the two of us, we can get some sugar birds of our own scouted up for Saturday mornin' opener.

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