Saturday, September 14, 2013

Iron Maiden - Raleigh, NC, 3 September, 2013

Now that I finally got my computer back, I can finally post some of the badassery that I caught on my camera in Raleigh the other week.

 I'm not much of a concert afficianado, but the Time Warner Music Pavillion was a purty neat venue. We were tucked off to the side, but we were close to and had a good view of the stage. Our location also had the added bonus of bein' right along the walkway, which gave us a great view of the antics of the other concert-goers. I'm a people watcher, so I had a great time with that.

Megadeth was the opener for the show. They were decent, but I think they relied on their video screens a bit too much. Dave Mustaine sounded like shit (nothin' new there), but he can damn sure shred on that battleaxe of his. Like I said, it was a decent showin', but it just paled in comparison to what followed.

Iron Maiden got their start in '75, which means they've been rockin' faces off for almost forty years. Process that for a minute. The dudes are gettin' old.

That said, I have no frikkin' idea how they keep up that kind of energy for a two-hour set. Bruce Dickinson is on par with the Energizer Bunny with his insane vocal talent, endless wardrobe changes and in general runnin' around like a crazy bastard for the entire show. Steve Harris wasn't far behind, tearin' up his bass guitar and beltin' out every single word to every single song, even when he wasn't in front of a microphone.

They tore it up for a 14-song set, and a three-song encore. They even busted out a few songs I wasn't real familiar with, which was neat.
  1. Iron Maiden
    Churchill's Speech
It was two hours of complete awesomeness. My neck hurt from headbangin' and I was plenty hoarse by the time it was said and done. It was definitely worth the bullshit of the airport and the money and time spent. Helluva trip, well-spent brother time and a kick-ass bucket lister knocked off the list.

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