Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reachin' out there

Took some time this past Sunday to ride out to the hills with Matt, Spanky and Schlongie to do some long range shootin'. Matt's family has a cabin in a fine little valley, and has two different ranges set up; one that goes to 300 yards, and another that reaches all the way out to 600.  With Matt and Mike leavin' for their Wyoming vacation with Bear Track Outfitters in just a few short weeks, we decided to spend a few hours burnin' powder, punchin' paper and ringin' steel.

As expected, it was a damn good time with some good company. The 600-yard target wasn't set up, but by the time it was said and done, we'd put a whoopin' on the 12"x12" steel target at the 500-yard mark.

My only regret was that I didn't hit the 400-yard steel with my ol' Mosin Nagant. With the boys spottin' me, I sent over 20 shots whizzin' so damn close to that steel that I could practically taste it. Never did get it though, which gives me a reason to git my ass back out there sometime and give 'er another whirl.
I spent some time fondlin' Spanky's Soviet mistress...
We were treated to a helluva purty sunset as we were cleanin' up and gettin' ready to head home.

And we also saw this kickass spider on the way out of the cabin...

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