Saturday, September 14, 2013

Score three for the early season

I finally got to git out and do some goose huntin' yesterday mornin' with Tater. We didn't have a ton of action, but we saw a lot of birds, worked a few flocks, and managed to sit down a group of three. Dad finally pried his butt outta bed and joined us, but the birds were pretty much done movin' by then.

Definitely felt good to work the calls and line up the bead on some honkers. The corn is just startin' to go down in most places, so hopefully we'll find the "X" before the early season ends.

On a side note, Tater is now an official field staff member for Toxic Calls outta Idaho. Seein' he got his first goosin' action in this very field only four years ago, it's pretty impressive. He took to waterfowlin' like a duck to water (see what I did there?) He's got a real talent with a call and a passion for the sport, and I'm sure he'll work his way up the ladder accordingly.

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  1. Well played sir. We got some teal yesterday...then sat in a dove field with NO action