Sunday, December 8, 2013

Doe day - Whackin' and Stackin'!

We had us one helluva day yesterday at camp. In our part of the state, we can't shoot doe until the first Saturday of the season. It was a full house, and we had a lotta doe tags at our disposal. Boy, did we use 'em.

Nine doe took pickup truck rides back to our camp yesterday, and we had a few misses too. My uncle and cousins took five doe between the four of 'em, which was the first time they've all connected in the same day. Ron's girlfriend, Brenda, killed her very first deer, and Ron's father, Karl, killed his first PA deer in seven years with one shot. Anyone who knows "The Karl" knows that for him to whack a critter in less than five shots is rare, so we are all pretty proud of him.

Matt and I both took our doe with our pistols, which was Matt's second pistol kill and my first. I was pretty excited to finally break in the Raging Bull.

It was a damn fine day at the Full Rut camp, and we celebrated it by a fine dinner and several pitchers of beer at the Ram Zone.

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  1. We used to have a doe day but they finally got smart and figured the way to keep the population under control is to allow doe hunting all season. There are still plenty of deer and they aren't over populated except in towns where all hunting is illegal, lots of deer eating stuff in people's yards, kind of funny to hear them complain about hunting and too many deer, they just don't get it.