Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Workin' bender

I'm six days into a hellish seven-day stretch of workin'. Six 12-hour days, one six-hour day, and sprinkle in all the normal bullshit responsibilities and some other family stuff around that, and bloggin' ain't been top priority.

One more shift tomorrow, then I'm off for a week. I reckon I'll be able to squeeze in a few posts after that.


  1. That sounds horrible, it is dark all the time, how do you get anything done?

  2. I don't. It's dark when I leave the house, and dark when I get back.

    I can't bitch too loud though since I get plenty of time off. I normally only work three days a week, but we had a day of OT thrown in there, so the schedule just didn't work out in my favor this time around.