Saturday, June 7, 2014

Shitty music

The only problem with moonlightin' at a bar is that I'm constantly regaled with loud, heavy doses of some of the most God-awful dance, rap and pop-country shit that has ever disgraced a set of speakers. It's the kinda shit that gets stuck in your head and shows up at the worst times.

I mostly enjoy the gig, but that part of it pretty much sucks.


  1. Oh man, not sure if I could handle the music, I have to keep changing my car radio stations these days. Some sorry music for sure and you can't even drink to make it sound better.

  2. "Oh man, not sure if I could handle the music..."

    That crap ain't music. It's just noise...

  3. Valid point, Tim. And Sunnybrook, even if I could drink while workin', I'm not sure there's any way to drink enough to make it any less horrible. It'd be like tryin' to drink the Hilldabeast pretty. Just ain't enough booze to make it happen.