Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Quick cottage run

I took a quick day trip up to the cottage today, and I gotta tell ya, I couldn't have hand-picked a better day to do it. Momma Nature was in full splendor today.

I generally try to get the water turned on and the furniture moved into place before Mom and Grandma head up to spring clean and get the cottage "officially" opened for the summer. They we plannin' on headin' up this weekend to take care of that, so I purty much was left with the day trip option.

With some help from the neighbor, and the obligatory Johnny Paycheck croonin' on the stereo, the chores were taken care of in a jig-time, so I even go to set on my ass and relax on the front porch for awhile.

All told, it was a great day to take the scooter for a spin. I manage to elude the attention of law enforcement, and I didn't have any major mechanical malfunctions, and the weather was about as perfect as I could want. Total mileage on the day was about 350, and the KLR averaged around 42mph. I yanked 'er back into the garage at home just as the sun was fixin' to dip behind the horizon... right on schedule.

Can't complain about a day like that.

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  1. Nice to have a day like that every once in a while...