Thursday, April 9, 2015

Red again

After runnin' the new T-Bird with the matte black color last year, I decided it was time to go back to the ol' red and silver again.

Damn, I'm glad I did. I forgot how goddamned sexy that bike looks with the red on 'er. It's literally like havin' a brand new bike all over again.

It didn't come without a headache though. What was supposed to be a quick changeover to the red furniture and a fluid dump turned into an eight-hour major repair, as I quickly figgered out that the coolin' system was completely fucked. I wound up rippin' as much as I could off the old bike and slappin' it on the new bike (I love havin' a parts bike layin' around). It ain't perfect, but it's gotta be better than it was before.

The dude that I bought the bike from is lucky that I have an unhealthy attachment to T-birds, and that he lives so far away, because it's been a damned headache since day one.

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