Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bay ducks

Two weeks ago, the ol' man called me up to see what I was doin' the next mornin'. Twelve hours later, me, Joe and Dad were en route to our buddy Robert's house on Sparrow's Point, just south of Baltimore, to hunt some bay ducks.

After breakin' through damn near three miles of ice in Rob's ol' Carolina Skiff, we were treated to a magnificent sunrise and a great duck hunt. Accordin' to Rob, the shootin' wasn't quite as good as would have been due to the calm conditions, but in the end we wound up with a baker's dozen of mostly Buffleheads, with a Blackhead, Gadwal and a Goldeneye thrown in for good measure. Feel free to correct me, as I probably have those species identified incorrectly, but I think that's what they all are. Basically, the little bastards were all the size of a pigeon, but about three times as fast. Very challengin' but fun wingshootin' to say the least.

Red sky at mornin', sailors take warnin'...

The mornin' catch.
Them bufflehead drakes are right purdy.
Breakin' back through the ice on the way back in.

That was my first time for a waterfowl hunt on the bay, but hopefully it won't be my last. As much as I hate the liberal-infested shithole that is Maryland, I never get sick of the Bay or the Shore.

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