Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Turkey callin' contest

For years, Wade and I have been sayin' that we need to hit up a turkey callin' contest just to see what it's all about. I finally got the shits of it and told Tater that we was pickin' one that was close to home and goin'.

The ensuin' research led us to the NWTF-sanctioned callin' contest at the Jaffa Sports Show out in Altoona, PA. The drive wasn't too bad, and we were able to get a few of the other guys on board as well, so Sunday mornin', I stoled Grandma's van and off we went.

Not only were the Shriners excellent hosts, but the venue was nice, and we were pleasantly surprised at the overall quality of the show. There was undoubtedly quite a few vendors and attendees that were there as a result of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show gettin' shitcanned for their own stupidity.

The callin' contest itself was overloaded with talent. Again, there was a lot of overflow from the cancelled contest at the Outdoor Show. As a result, the contest ran an hour or two over the normal schedule. Some of the other guys with us got a little bored, but Tater and I coulda spent all day and all night watchin' 'em work. Even the amateur division was loaded with talented turkey talkers of all ages. I like to think I have a somewhat decent ability with a call, but even the junior division callers were a helluva lot better than I am. Tater, on the other hand, is a pretty fair hand with just about any critter-callin' device, and I'd be surprised if he doesn't enter the amateur contest next year to see how he stacks up.

My to my girl's dismay, turkey calls always prove to be a weakness, and the Jaffa show was no exception. There were several regional callmakers in attendance, all vyin' for my affections. I came back with a few mouthcalls from Tipton Creek Game Calls to play with, and I also picked up Mountain Hollow Game Calls' Zebra Wood Double Slate call. To compliment, I snatched up their Dymondwood striker just for good measure, and it's a damn good soundin' striker.

All told, it was a damn fine day spent with my buddies... we'll look forward to goin' back next year and hopefully watchin' Wade in action.


  1. You wanna call turkeys?

    Just go "free cell phones - food stamps accepted here - it's all Bush's fault..."

    FWIW, for Christmas one of my kids got me a couple of Duck Commander duck calls (from the Duck Dynasty show). I've been driving my wife crazy by sitting on the couch honking away while she's trying to watch TV.

  2. I'd probably get in trouble for shootin' those turkeys, although most of 'em prolly need shot.

    Good luck with those calls. I've discovered that runnin' calls in the same house as the opposite sex is usually a fantastic test as to the stability of a relationship....